PARTICIPLE CONSTRUCTION AS A PARENTHESIS - Атика в упражнениях ч. Инфинитив, герундий, причастие сборник упражнений...


Turning to the main laws of mechanics, the first law of Newton states that...

^ Ес­ли об­ра­тить­ся (Об­ра­ща­ясь) к глав­ным за­ко­нам ме­ха­ни­ки, сле­­д­ует ска­зать, что пер­вый за­кон Нью­то­на гла­сит, что...

Об­ра­тим­ся к глав­ным за­ко­нам ме­ха­ни­ки; пер­вый за­кон Нью­то­на гла­сит, что...

^ Putting it mildly, the experiment was not conducted properly.

Мяг­ко го­во­ря, экс­пе­ри­мент не был про­ве­ден долж­ным об­ра­зом.

That question was not, strictly speaking, a question of dispute at all.

^ Стро­го го­во­ря, этот во­прос со­всем не был спор­ным во­про­сом.

As mentioned above the experiment was a success.

^ Как упо­ми­на­лось вы­ше, этот опыт был удач­ным.

All things considered, we can hardly say that we have the means of measuring directly such changes.

^ Уч­тя все (что нам из­вест­но), ед­ва ли мы мо­жем ска­зать, что име­ем спо­соб не­по­сред­ст­вен­но­го из­ме­ре­ния та­ких из­ме­не­ний.


They watched the temperature gradually rising.

Они сле­ди­ли (за тем), как по­сте­пен­но по­вы­ша­лась тем­пе­ра­ту­ра.

I heard your name mentioned.

Я слы­шал, как (что) упо­ми­на­ли ва­ше имя.

We consider matter as being built up of atoms.

Мы счи­та­ем, что ма­те­рия со­сто­ит из ато­мов.

Мы счи­та­ем ма­те­рию со­стоя­щей из ато­мов.

Мы рас­смат­ри­ва­ем ма­те­рию как со­стоя­щую из ато­мов.

We disliked the problem being treated in this way.

Нам не нра­ви­лось, что эта про­бле­ма трак­то­ва­лась та­ким об­ра­зом.

We know the problem having been solved long ago.

Мы зна­ем, что эту про­бле­му уже дав­но ре­ши­ли.

They thought the reactions as being of the first order.

Они счи­та­ли, что ре­ак­ция бы­ла пер­во­го по­ряд­ка.

We consider the parameter as utilized to limit the number of questions asked.

Мы счи­та­ем, что этот па­ра­метр ис­поль­зу­ет­ся для ог­ра­ни­че­ния чис­ла за­да­вае­мых во­про­сов.

The device has the lens shifted.

У при­бо­ра лин­за сме­ще­на.

We have the device repaired.

Нам уже по­чи­ни­ли при­бор.


They were seen leaving the station.

Ви­де­ли, как они ухо­ди­ли со стан­ции.

^ The class of regulators can be thought of as composed of three parts.

Мож­но ска­зать, что этот класс ре­гу­ля­то­ров со­сто­ит из трех час­тей.

^ Remarks (which were) considered as being wrong are in fact correct.

За­ме­ча­ния, которые, как считалось, были ошибочными, на де­ле ока­зы­ва­ют­ся пра­виль­ны­ми.


My colleague being away, I had to take the decision myself.

Так как мой то­ва­рищ по ра­бо­те от­сут­ст­во­вал, мне при­шлось са­мо­му при­нять ре­ше­ние.

^ Weather permitting, the astronomer will proceed with his observation.

Ес­ли по­го­да по­зво­лит, ас­тро­ном про­дол­жит свои на­блю­де­ния.

^ The signal given, the rocket starts immediately.

Ко­гда (как толь­ко) да­ет­ся сиг­нал, ра­ке­та сра­зу взле­та­ет.

^ The choice having been made, all the alternatives have been rejected.

По­сле то­го как вы­бор был сде­лан, все дру­гие воз­мож­но­сти бы­ли от­верг­ну­ты.

^ Other conditions being equal, the acceleration remains constant.

При про­чих рав­ных ус­ло­ви­ях ус­ко­ре­ние ос­та­ет­ся по­сто­ян­ным.

^ There being many people in the conference hall, we could not enter it.

Так как в за­ле бы­ло мно­го на­ро­ду, мы не мог­ли вой­ти.

The astronomer proceeded with his observation, the sky having cleared.

Ас­тро­ном про­дол­жал на­блю­де­ние по­сле то­го, как (так как) не­бо про­яс­ни­лось.

The sodium atom has eleven electrons, the eleventh one
occupying a position outside of the second shell.

У ато­ма на­трия один­на­дцать элек­тро­нов, при­чем один­на­дца­тый за­ни­ма­ет по­ло­же­ние за пре­де­ла­ми вто­рой обо­лоч­ки.

We continued our work, with our laboratory assistants helping us.

Мы про­дол­жа­ли свою ра­бо­ту, а на­ши ла­бо­ран­ты по­мо­га­ли нам.

Aristotle (384—332 В. С.) exerted tremendous influence on all branches of learning, physics included.

Ари­сто­тель ока­зал гро­мад­ное влия­ние на все от­рас­ли зна­ния, вклю­чая и фи­зи­ку.

^ With him confessing to the crime the court decided to commute the sentence.

Так как он при­знал­ся в пре­сту­п­ле­нии, суд ре­шил смяг­чить при­го­вор.

Performance observations were recorded, with particular attention on the variables.

Наблюдения за работой регистрировались, причем особое внимание уделялось переменным величинам.



This subject is rather complicated, belonging as it does to theoretical physics.

Этот пред­мет до­воль­но сло­жен, по­сколь­ку он от­­н­оси­тся к тео­ре­ти­че­ской фи­зи­ке.

The article, published as it was in a small magazine, remained unknown for a long time.

^ По­сколь­ку ста­тья бы­ла на­пе­ча­та­на в не­боль­шом жур­на­ле, она ос­та­ва­лась не­из­вест­ной в те­че­ние дол­­г­ого вре­ме­ни.


Phenomena occurring during solar flares are thoroughly investigated.

Яв­ле­ния, про­ис­хо­дя­щие во вре­мя вспы­шек на солн­це (ко­то­рые про­ис­хо­дят во вре­мя вспы­шек на солн­це), тща­­тел­ьно ис­сле­ду­ют­ся.

The equipment needed for the experiment was carefully checked.

Обо­ру­до­ва­ние, не­об­хо­ди­мое (ко­то­рое не­об­хо­ди­мо) для опы­та, бы­ло тща­тель­но про­ве­ре­но.

A graph is given showing the dependence of pressure on temperature.

^ При­во­дит­ся гра­фик, ил­лю­ст­ри­рую­щий за­ви­си­мость дав­ле­ния от тем­пе­ра­ту­ры.

This substance was more valuable than that obtained by the previous authors.

Это ве­ще­ст­во бы­ло бо­лее цен­но, чем то, ко­то­рое бы­ло по­лу­че­но пред­ше­ст­вую­щи­ми ис­сле­до­ва­те­ля­ми.

The substance thus obtained was pure.

Ве­ще­ст­во, по­лу­чен­ное та­ким об­ра­зом, бы­ло чис­тым.

^ As ordinarily obtained iron contains some admixtures.

Обыч­но по­лу­чае­мое же­ле­зо со­дер­жит при­ме­си. Же­ле­зо в том ви­де, как оно обыч­но по­лу­ча­ет­ся (так, как его обыч­но по­лу­ча­ют), со­дер­жит при­ме­си.

Numerous questions answered by the speaker were related to Plasma Physics.

Мно­го­чис­лен­ные во­про­сы, на ко­то­рые от­ве­чал до­­кла­дчик, от­но­си­лись к фи­зи­ке плаз­мы.


Being invited too late Morrison could not go to the conference.

Так как Мор­ри­со­на при­гла­си­ли слиш­ком позд­но, он не смог по­ехать на кон­фе­рен­цию.

Considered from this point of view the question will be of great interest.

^ При рас­смот­ре­нии с этой точ­ки зре­ния во­прос пред­ста­вит боль­шой ин­те­рес.

Having been heated for several hours the substance began to melt.

^ По­сле то­го как ве­ще­ст­во на­гре­ва­ли в те­че­ние не­сколь­­ких ча­сов, оно на­ча­ло пла­вить­ся.

The energy output was rather low, suggesting some leakage of the current.

Вы­ход энер­гии был весь­ма низ­ким, что (и это) за­став­ля­ло ду­мать об утеч­ке то­ка.

Water, having weight and occupying space, is a form of matter.

Во­да, по­сколь­ку она име­ет вес и за­ни­ма­ет про­стран­ст­во, яв­ля­ет­ся фор­мой ма­те­рии.

Given its angular diameter, the linear diameter of the Sun depends on its parallax.

Ес­ли име­ет­ся уг­ло­вой диа­метр, ли­ней­ный диа­метр Солн­ца за­ви­сит от па­рал­лак­са.

^ United we stand, divided we fall.

Ес­ли мы вме­сте, мы вы­сто­им, ес­ли мы врозь, мы па­дем.

^ When carrying out the experiment the scientist noticed …

Про­во­дя опыт, уче­ный за­ме­тил, …

When heated to 100° water boils.

^ При на­гре­ва­нии до 100° во­да ки­пит.

Unless heated this substance does not melt.

Без на­гре­ва­ния это ве­ще­ст­во не пла­вит­ся.

Не obtained this substance as stated above.

Он по­лу­чил это ве­ще­ст­во, как ука­за­но вы­ше.

^ Unless otherwise specified, the tables are given for a perfect gas.

Ес­ли не ого­во­ре­но осо­бо, эти таб­ли­цы да­ны для иде­аль­но­го га­за.

81. Translate the sentences paying attention to the Participle.

1. Coming events cast their shadows before them. 2. What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies (Aristotle). 3. Another factor influencing the level of detail (степень детализации) is the progress reporting requirements. 4. Using the energy of the atom, we produce electric energy at atomic power plants. 5. The empirical evidence is lacking here. 6. This requirement is not restricting, however. 7. The linking of the molecules is much more flexible, consisting of ad hoc bilateral or multilateral interfaces. 8. It is quite possible that goodness, being a property of a man, is not conditioned by nature. 9. At 210° nitro-diphenyl is formed, indicating that phenyl elimination (выгорание) does take place at this temperature. 10. Electronic computers perform both arith­metic and logical operations, making it possible to control the process under rather complicated conditions. 11. System design progresses through several stages, becoming more detailed in each stage. 12. Growing science accumulates examples of quantitative relations. 13. The yield (выход) was 12% of the dried wood, varying with the amount of hydrochloric acid (соляная кислота) used. 14. When being pure, water is a colourless liquid. 15. This tube is very similar to others, save being a bit wider. 16. Considering the limited scope of the method, it has yet been used by comparatively few workers. 17. The syntax and semantics of these languages are very sophisticated, making the translation to machine language a complex process. 18. The chemical and physical properties of these dimers (димер) are being studied. 19. Sometimes such experiments, even if performed only in the imagination, are convincing even to mathematicians. 20. Strictly speak­ing, this finding (полученные данные) means that this hypothesis cannot be rejected.

^ 82. Explain the usage of particle forms.

1. This procedure was dropped, having given low yield of end products. 2. Algol is a system being developed and intended to become a universal programming language. 3. The compound being treated for several hours turned dark red. 4. The experiment having been made, everybody was interested in the results. 5. The approach being based on mathe­matical methods is concerned with structural considera­tions. 6. Hav­ing introduced a purely mathematical definition of a sys­tem, let us now make precise (точный) another intuitive concept — that of a process. 7. Hav­ing been employed abundantly (широко) in many industrial process­es electronic computers show a notable example of progress contributing to the development of industry. 8. Having taken everything into consideration he decided not to go there.

^ 83. Translate from Russian into English.

1. Секретарь отправил подписанные директором письма. 2. Мы внимательно прочли присланную Ивановым статью. 3. Мы удовлетворены качеством представленных образ­цов. 4. Сообщите нам, когда вы намерены поставить заказанные товары. 5. В этом кабинете есть несколько сломанных компьютеров. 6. К сожалению, предложенный товар не удовлетворяет нашим требованиям. 7. Он показал нам фотографию здания музея. 8. Разбитый стакан лежал на столе. 9. Все полученные товары были немедленно отправ­лены на склад. 10. Платеж за поставленные машины будет произведен в июне. 11. Он принес мне несколько иллюстрированных журналов. 12. Мы послали каталоги по ука­занному адресу. 13. Его неожиданный ответ удивил нас всех. 14. В настоящее время мы имеем очень ограниченное количество этих деталей на складе.

^ 84. How is the Absolute Participle Construction formed? Give the translation of the following sentences.

1. My task having been finished, I went home. 2. John being away, Peter had to do his work. 3. It being very cold, they made a fire. 4. It being very stormy, they stayed at home. 5. All this having been settled, he went home. 6. The preparations being completed, they began to climb up the mountain. 7. The moon being bright, everything was clearly visible. 8. Our petrol being exhausted, we could go no further. 9. The game having ended, the crowd went home. 10. It was dark, the sun having set an hour before. 11. The performance being over, everyone went away. 12. Nobody being there, I went away. 13. My father having taken the key, I could not enter the house. 14. The negotiations between the American and British representatives were conducted behind closed doors, measures having been taken that no correspondent should receive any information. 15. Dinner being over, we went into the garden. 16. At last the excitement died down, the captain having assured the passengers, that there was no longer the slightest danger. 17. The letter having been delayed, the news reached us too late. 18. The key having been lost, they could not enter the cottage. 19. The weather being fine, all the windows were opened. 20. The film being very popular, it was difficult to get tickets.

^ 85. Find the Past Participle. What is its function in the sentence?

1. Danger foreseen is half avoided. 2. One cannot shut one's eyes to things not seen with eyes (Ch. Morgan). 3. The results obtained disagreed with earlier data. 4. Statements, in turn, are strings of symbols from a given alphabet, composed of letters, digits and special characters. 5. The set of basic operations provided is not, in general, suited to the execution of commonly needed procedures. 6. The strategies available in the dynamic situation are complicated functions of infor­mation received and actions undertaken in the preceding stages. 7. It was a standpoint shared by many philosophers. 8. Syntax is another major difference, as indicated in the proceeding paragraphs. 9. Ethics is concerned with moral duties of a man. 10. Nearly all the assembly line problems as documented in the literature were solved by this method. 11. Science accumulates examples foreseen and verified through practice. 12. A natu­ral consequence of such behavior should be decreased time for problem solution. 13. Ethics is closely connected with feeling. 14. A "plist" is a list of column names in the order required enclosed in square brackets [ ]. 15. This expedition failed because undertaken in winter. 16. Thus influenced, the author yielded. 17. That lesson, once learned, was never forgotten. 18. Logicians are concerned with inductive logic. 19. The only evidence (we can have) consists of the reports yet unpublished. 20. When properly carried out, microwave determination of depole moment should be of considerable reliability. 21. The model suggested described adequately the thermodynamic peculiarities studied by Dr. D. 22. The child lacks the experi­ence required for practical action. 23. Once designed and if designed properly a relational database is very flexible. 24. The difficulties posed by this problem are generally re­cognized. 25. Stated bluntly, a different set could be selected for this purpose. 26. The basic solvent used prevented lactone information. 27. We also discuss experiments connected with some related questions.

^ 86. Work in two groups. What participle constructions are there in the text? Translate the text.

When considered dynamically, the biosphere appears an arena of complex interactions among the essential natural cycles of its major constituents, with continuous fluxes of these constituents entering the biosphere, or being released by it. Once brought into being by evolution from an inorgan­ic environment, the living matter has profoundly altered the primitive lifeless earth, gradually changing the composition of the atmosphere, the sea, and the top layers of the solid crust both on land and under the ocean. Since then, if one were to ascribe a single objective to evolution, it would be the perpetuation of life. This is the single end which the entire strategy of evolution is focused on, with evolution dividing the re­sources of any location, including its input of energy, among an ever increasing number of different kinds of users, which we recognize as plant and animal species.

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